Ruby Reds Home Loans

Supporting Documents



  1. Application Kit – located under the Apply Now Tab
  2. Appraisal Kit – located under the Apply Now Tab
  3. Authorization Form 
  4. Schedule of Real Estate Tracker (Your Experience) located under the Apply Now Tab
  5. Rehab Budget – Itemized and Totaled – located under the Apply Now Tab
  6. Rehab Budget Sample Form (instructions) - located under the Apply Now Tab 
  7. Purchase Contract with All Addendums executed and dated by Seller and Buyer
  8. Earnest Money Deposit with Escrow Company Name, Phone and Escrow Officer
  9. Title Company Information
  10. Refinance (Copy of the last Month Mortgage Statement)
  11. Three (03) Months present and previous 2 months Bank Statements
  12. Bank Account must be in the Entity Name or Personal Name
  13. Bank Accounts in a different Entity Name must provide Entity Documents
  14. Government issued VALID Identification, Copy of Front & Back
  15. Hazard Insurance:  Agent Name, Phone and Email Address   
  16. A VOID Check – Bank Account in the Entity or your Personal Name along with ACH Forms executed (ACH forms, we will forward)

 Entity Documents to Provide:


  1. Articles of Organization
  2. Operating Agreement (signed by all Members and Dated)
  3. All Addendums (if any)
  4. Letter of EIN number


  1. Articles of Organization or Articles of In-Corporation
  2. Bylaws (all pages) and Resolution
  3. Letter of Good Standing
  4. Letter of EIN number

Foreign Nationals:

     1.  Foreign National Registration

Entity Ownership:

  1. Owner(s) with 20% or more of the Shares are required to place an individual Applications


LTC:  Up to 85%

ARV:  Up to 75%

Rehab:  Up to 100%

Scenario Tab:

Unusual, Case by Case Projects and Any or All Loans Scenarios, please complete your scenario located under the Scenario Tab and Submit

Submit by Email a Scenario and we will get an answer for you…