Hard Money – Bridge - Fix and Flip Loans:

At Ruby Reds Home Loans, we provide Hard Money, Bridge and Fix and Flip financing for your Real Estate Project(s).  Private Investors both experienced and or beginner looking to acquire residential and/or commercial properties for the purposes of fix and flip.

By using money from private investors, we are not bound by rigid banking guidelines and can offer you some of the most flexible loan terms in the industry depending on the project, your investor profile, background, and experience.  Other lenders take a one size fits all approach to making loans - but we at Ruby Reds Home Loans do not.  We carefully evaluate each application and offer very competitive terms when the loan request makes sense. From Residential Fix and Flip, Rental, Refinance, High-end, and Commercial, it's our job to get you the money to finance the loan.

  • In most States, these various types of loans are structured.  We invite you to place your scenario online at  www.RubyRedsHomeLoans.com and “Let’s talk about it”.



  • Residential (1 to 4 Non-Owner Occupied)
  • Multi-Family (Non-Owner Occupied)
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Construction Ground Up
  • Purchase and Refinance (1st Position Only)
  • Experienced and Beginner (we have Financing for you) 
  • Hard Money Loans No Rehab up to 75% LTC
  • Bridge Loans up to 75% LTC
  • Fix and Flip Loans up to 85% LTC
  • Rehab 100%
  • ARV up to 75%
  • C-Stated Income Loans 80% (NO PREPAYMENT PENALTY)
  • Same Day Pre-Approvals
  • Foreign Nationals

We are in 42 of the 50 States: 

  • AK,  CA,  CO,  CT,  DC,  FL,  GA,  IL, IO, KS,  MA,  MD,  MN,  MO,  NC,  ND,  NV,  NY, OR,  PA,  SC,  SD,  TX,  VT,   WA

If you do not see your desired State, we will be with you soon ! 


Although we have a very high funding rate, we apologize that all loans will not be approved.

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Ruby Reds Home Loans